Welcome to my page, I'm Melinda Palffy.


The reason why I opened this side is to help people discover their miracle.


If you're in balance, things flow beautifully and easily. You're always at the right place at the right time, meeting the right people, being offered the best opportunities. Sometimes life is not that easy, and believe me I had some really hard times what I had to manage. It's not easy to be a woman, but could be the best thing too.

I have 21 years experience working in people centric professions. I'm a Professional Dance Teacher, Personal Trainer, Aerobic, Yoga and Pilates Trainer, Graphologist, Healing Therapist, and Personal Lifestyle Coach.

I finished my first degree in Hungarian Graphology Institute, as a Graphologist. My second degree was completed with Hungarian Dancing Association, as a modern dance teacher. I had some trainings and accreditation in a Business, Spa and Wellness Industry. Parallel with  Fitness and Dance opportunities I also had some competence in Fitness Club and Spa managing. I have a master degree from Tibetan healing therapy. I wrote a book about finding our own healing therapy.

I traveled a lot in different countries, and I lived in different cultures such as, Hungary, United Kingdom, USA, Spain, China, Austria. Just felt, I have to share everything what I've got until now.

This place is about You and about Me, about Us. So have a nice Journey......