Spring Makeup

Spring is the perfect time to clean our closets and declutter. So open the windows and bring some fresh air inside to your home and yes, to your makeup.

Once you open and begin to use an item, you start to reducing the life of the product.

Store your makeup in a cold dry place, not in the bathroom, where the room can become hot and humid. You can store lipsticks, liquid foundations in your refrigerators. You can also leave lipstick in the freezer overnight, to kill bacteria and viruses.

Use a brush, spoon or metal spatula for face products to avoid contamination. Cleanse brushes and sponges in a regular basis. Apply makeup with brushes and sponges instead of your fingertips.

It's time to go through your handbags, cosmetic bags, pockets, draws, and cases to declutter and clean. If you cannot remember when you bought that lipstick or mascara it's time to let them go. Even if they were expensive or it's used only few times.

Honestly autumn time is coming with many new shades and trends, you don't need a color from 5 years ago. Anything what you don't use or even like and still good you can donate. Make someone happy, or do a swap party with your friends.

Here I give you a little guide to help you decide what to keep and what to throw.

Mascara: 3 months

Once you open became a ground for bacteria. When it's drying out or have a bad smell you can be sure it's time to go.

Eye shadow: 3 months - one year

As an eye product there is a high risk to keep bacterias. You have to make sure after every use you clean your brush or applicator. If you use your finger tip make sure you wash your hand before.

Eye pencils: one year or more

If you continue to sharpen the tip before each use, than you can use them up to three years.

Liquid eyeliner: 3 months

If you have any redness or itchiness of the eyes stop using. Can pick up bacteria very easy.

Foundation: liquid - one year, powder - two years

If your foundation changes color or smells bad, that's a sign to throw it away. Liquid foundation pick up easily bacteria. Will last longer if you use sponge or brush.

Bronzer/Blush: cream 1 year, powder 2 years

If it changes color or have a chalky layer on top, replace it.

Multipurpose Makeup: 6 months

If you have a product using on lips, eyes, and cheeks you may safe money and time but you have a possibility to bring bacteria from one area to the other. Make sure you use different applicators to different areas. If it is in a stick form dipping it in rubbing alcohol for 15-30 seconds, and wipe off the top layer.

Lipstick: 1-2 Years, Lipgloss: 1 Year, Lip Liner: 1 Year, Lip Balms 1-2 Years

This products are formulated without water or less water, that's why bacteria growth is low possible. If you have been sick or you had mouth infection, changes in texture or color, become hard, feels unpleasant to wear it's time to throw away. Never share lipstick.

Nail Polish: One year or more

If you can shake and the color goes back to normal and applies smoothly, then still good. It has also a possibility to bacteria growth. When get thick and changes color, toss.