What is your style?

Or what is Style exactly?

How can I say somebody has a Style?

It’s about clothing, make up, hair, lifestyle or your home? All this things together make your style and make you as you are. Every kinds of style say something about your personality. Wearing a bold hat with a strong make up is a different image than a baseball cap with ponytail. Your clothing style can speak volumes about you before even you start to speak. Does your style or clothing match your personality? What is your favorite color? What is your body type? How do you decorate your house?  What is your signature? How does it make you feel? What is your city style?

Let’s find out together what is your real personality and what you are showing to the outside world. Don’t forget everything is connected somehow and that’s how you can make a step to make your world and the outside world better.

I often heard when I was small  “Not the clothes make the man”. I had to realize it’s not true. It’s very important what you’re wearing because that’s how you feel. I’m sure everyone had in the school some schoolmates who made jokes from your clothing. I had, but later I realized I needed them to bring my creativity to a higher level and be able to have my own style in a very early age.

“Dressing is a way of Life” Yves St. Laurent

If you have a hard time deciding your own personal style don’t worry because what I realized you cannot say oh I have a sporty style or I have a wild style. I think everyone has a little bit about every style. Just you have to learn in which situation you can use them.

Of course there are some people who say I know I’m very closed to the classic style and I’m wearing more this clothes and I have my flat furnished with classic furniture and decorations. Crafting this style could me more consciousness living but also closing the possibilities to change your character.

First step what we do CHECK YOUR CLOSET.

Have a look what is inside, which colors you have, more dresses or trousers, which materials you like to wear  and try to analyze how do you feel if you touch them. Are you satisfied or you feel you need more skirts or more t-shirts.

Optimize your style:

Try to put together a basic wardrobe what you can always combine with accessorize. Have a look the colors. Which colors is the best for you and what is the color which makes you happy or sad. Have a look your skin and hair color and try to match the right colors. Green is a nice color but could be possible to do not match to your skin or hair. Of course depends from the color of combination. Try to see what that cut or color deliver to you, and which color bring out the best in You. Create new outfits and color combinations for the future shopping tours. Reach the knowledge to enable yourself to create new creative outfits with the competent use of accessories.

Developing your look makes you more self confident , concentrating to your positive areas improving to feel more successful and professional in relationships.

Don’t forget when you meet someone for the first time what you see arises immediately.

So absolute matter what you wearing and how.