I love all aspects of dance, I think everyone  somehow is a Dancer. I feel  it is a powerful tool for us to get back in touch with our deeper selves, and to our roots. We live in a world that is exploding with noise and media, and diverting our attention from the present moment.

Dance and Movement  Meditation is  a powerful tool for healing the body, mind, and heart. Dance helps restore the vital flow of energy in the body and recover lost parts of the soul in the process. By moving our bodies we are able to connect the physical body-mind-heart, and move the soul.  Our dance becomes a source of personal discovery, wonder and healing. With Dancing we can express with our body movements what  we are feeling in that moment. As we practice over time, we fill our own bodies more fully, feel our emotions more fluidly, and think with more clarity. We practice being ourselves and are inspired to live our life with more joy and grace.

We will be available for diving deeper into our personal dance and gaining insights about our own movement physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It gives us a chance to just let go of all the tensions that we are carrying and to just let the music take us to wherever we need to be....

I am personally experiencing great transformation in my life through practice and I am committed to sharing this method with others.