Personal Training

A personal trainer

is an exercise professional with the knowledge and experience to offer advice and guidance in the areas of exercise and fitness. These professionals can assist you by designing a safe and effective exercise program to help you reach personal goals. A personal trainer can assist with weight loss, exercise performance and improved wellness.


A major factor people don’t exercise and therefore lead unhealthy lives is motivation. Finding a spare hour, in our lunch break, after a hard day at the office or early in the morning are not always times we feel like exercising.I will encourage, support, and guide you through enjoyable and interesting workouts that you will look forward to each week.


In effort to get fit as quickly as possible, many people fall for fad diets or inappropriate exercise regimes which can lead to certain health concerns or stagnant progress. When performing given exercises I will check your body movement and posture. I will only prescribe safe and effective methods of exercise that will suit your individual needs.


Expert advice and guidance on many aspects of fitness saving you months or even years of hard work. My experience and education will help you reach your dreams and aspirations.

A personal training program

We will start with a FREE CONSULTATION so you can discuss your current state of health and fitness. This helps me to define your personal goals and targets as well as allowing you to get to know your trainer. This session is vital as it creates a benchmark / starting point so you can track your progress and really see the results you want!

Support, guidance, motivation and a great relationship with your trainer are the foundations to fantastic results. Your personal trainer will ensure that you get the very best from each workout, making your time much more efficient and focused.

Personal Training is available:


We understand that due to many circumstances there need to cancel sessions. Please make note of the following cancellation policy;

24 hours notice must be given for all session cancellations.

Payment in full or session debited, if notice times are not met.