It's time to start "NOW" Your exercise program!

A well-rounded program includes Cardio, Strength Training, Core Training, Balance Training, and Stretching with Flexibility. Knowing how to implement these components can be confusing. Should you do cardio and strength training on the same day? Which one should you do first? This will depend on your goals, schedule and fitness level, which means there are endless ways to set up your workout program. Below are some basic guidelines for getting started with a complete exercise program.

For Beginners: You should start slowly with a basic cardio program and a full body resistance training routine. You'll want to have recovery days to allow your body to rest and your muscles to heal from your new routine. A typical beginner program will include about 3 days concentrating to cardio, of course combination with core, balance and stretching and 2 days strength training combination with balance, stretching and flexibility. If you're not sure about your fitness level, you can sign up for a free consultation.

For Intermediate/Advanced Exercisers-Goal: Weight loss and health: If you've been exercising for a while and your goal is to lose weight, you want to shoot for 20-60 minutes of cardio about 5 times a week.  Your strength training schedule will depend on what type of workouts you're doing (e.g., total body training or a split routine).  You can do cardio and strength training on the same day, depending on your time constraints. It doesn't matter which one you do first, so vary your routine and try different combinations to find the one that is right for you. Of course it's important to do warming up and stretching. Don't forget the combination of core and balance training.

For Intermediate/Advanced Exercisers-Goal: muscle gain: If you're trying to gain muscle mass and strength, focus on your strength training routine. Doing too much cardio beforehand can make you too tired to lift. Since you'll be using more weight and doing more exercises for each muscle group, you'll typically do a split training routine and less cardio.

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Ok But how do I start? What is Core Training and how can I combine balance and flexibility?

Yes. This are frequently asked questions.

You probably have some idea how fit you are, and it's easy to say that you'll exercise every day. But you'll need a plan. As a designed fitness program.

Consider your fitness goals. Why are you starting a fitness program? To help lose weight? Or do you preparing for a marathon? Or just you want to get socialized? Having clear goals can help you gauge your progress!

Build activity into your daily routine. Finding time to exercise can be a challenge. To make it easier, schedule time to exercise as you would any other appointment. Plan to watch your favorite show while making core training, or read while riding a stationary bike. You'll see how your lifestyle will change and you will watch how all your bad habits are transforming.

Plan different activities. Different activities can keep exercise boredom at bay. Plan to alternate among activities that emphasize different parts of your body, such as pilates, dancing, walking, swimming and strength training.

Allow time for recovery. Many people start exercising with big enthusiasm working out too long or too intensely and give up when their muscles and joints become sore or injured. Plan time between sessions for your body to rest and recover.

Put on a paper. You can stay on track with a written fitness plan. It may encourage you.

Now you're ready for action.

Always keep in mind: Start slowly and build up gradually, be creative, listen to your body!

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