Margaret G.

Margaret’s experience at Holmes’ Place with Personal Trainer, Melinda

I have never been a ‘Gym’ person, always preferring to get my exercise naturally - walking, running, swimming, hiking and cycling, or playing squash. However, I became a member of Holmes’ Place in February because I wanted to swim and sauna and it was conveniently close to my work place.When Melinda approached me I was skeptical - anyway, for two reasons I decided to try. I had registered for the Vienna City - Anker Half-Marathon (21.1 km) on April 18, and after a trial run one Saturday I wondered if I could really complete it alive. Incidentally, I am 52 + years old and had never run more than 10 km before, unofficially. Secondly, I had been on a campaign to loose some weight to bring my BMI from borderline overweight well into the normal zone. Just 4 kg short of the target I reached a plateau - I was doing many activities, eating less, but not loosing anymore weight.

So I began training with Melinda about 7 weeks before the half-marathon. Then I injured my knee while skiing one weekend, which resulted in me doing no training for one week, and no running for 3 weeks. I thought I would not be running the half-marathon anymore. Melinda told me not to give up so soon. Because of the missed weeks, we were able to have three instead of two sessions each week. When I couldn’t run, she had me walk on the treadmill instead. After warming up we did a variety of exercises on the mat that looked simple, targeting specific muscle groups. We did not use any weight machines. I started running again after Easter, just two weeks before the race, but in the limited time we had Melinda coached me both physically and mentally to achieving my goals. I ran the half-marathon comfortably, without pain or undue stress and even managed to sprint the last few kms to finish in a time of 2 hrs 19 mins 39 secs. I had no after effects and I also lost the 4kg I wanted to loose.

What I gained from Melinda’s patient coaching was:

(a) a better understanding of my body and how to pace myself;

(b) the significance of heart rate and exercise intensity;

(c) improved core strength and stamina; and

(d) how to better manage weight loss while eating a variety of foods.

Melinda’s favorite saying:

“ Forget about your age - listen to your body!”

I couldn’t have done it without her! Thanks Melinda!

Margaret Grandison - May 1, 2010