Brenda P.

"Melinda had the very difficult task of taking over the pilates class that had been established by another trainer for some two years. From one week to the next she stepped in. Humans are sceptical especially when they loved the class as it was. Melinda had her methods and, difficult as I am, I was very pleasantly surprised as to how much I liked it. We do a lot of very challenging stretch exercises that mobilize the joints (hence you keep them lubricated). You feel the benefits of being more supple as the weeks go by. Not to forget the training of the abs - its very hard work, but so rewarding.

As a senior citizen you feel and notice the improvements - that can only be good and help to keep the body rejuvinated.

To anyone, male or female, have a go and note how in time you improve your muscles."



"I came to know Melinda only few months ago when she started working as a trainer at fitness centre “Holmes Place”, where I am a member for the last 7 years.

Since she is a very pleasant and graceful person, I just want to talk to her and during this she invited me to attend the Pilates classes conducted by her once in every week. I promised her to attend and after avoiding few times with silly excuses, finally started attending the class for the first time aged 69. I placed my self on the mat along with others, mostly women, half my age, and tried my best to follow Melinda’s instructions and did to the best of my ability. After an hour of lifting, pushing, swinging, bending, my legs, hands, etc, and with wrong inhaling, exhaling, I was glad that it came to an end. I was expecting total body pain next day. But to my surprise nothing of that kind happened and not only that, I was feeling lot better.

This is because she allowed us to do the exercises at our own pace and even allowed us to take rest when it was too much to carry on. She came to us and corrected our position, told us about correct breathing. She is very professional, pleasant and very kind. I am still continuing to attend her classes and hope to do for some more years. I wish her all the best and  lot of success in her life."